Custom Models by Stonewall Saddlery

Here are pics and info of models from my own showstring painted by myself. Photos are arranged from latest to earlier customs. I do not customise to order - sorry! I don't feel my pastelling techniques are good enough to inflict on the public ^_^;



Silkwind resin sculpted by Rob Donaldson. I love this little resin but it just cries out to be perfomance shown and with the original sculpted mane it was impossible to put a saddle on him. So the mane and tail were removed. Rebuilt his neck and face with Apoxie Sculpt, sanded, primed and then pastelled him to a buckskin with white star and coronet. I then gave him a thread plaited mane and tail. Perfect for the showring ^_^


Breyer Andalusian SM customised with pastels to a dapple grey with acrylic detailing on eyes, mane, tail and hooves.


Breyer Andalusian SM customised using pastels to a mulberry grey with acrylic detailing on eyes, hooves mane and tail.


Animal Artistry Highland pastelled to a dun with primal markings.


Animal Artistry "Flying Friesian" resin customised with pastells to black.


Breyer Merrylegs customised to dapple grey Shetland X pony with acrylics. This model was painted for and is owned by my younger sister. Named Katana for the katana shaped blaze on her forehead.


SM rearing Arabian customised to a bright bay with socks, stripe and painted on shoes.


The Funnies....!

Bizarre little horses I randomly sculpt when bored from Sculpey (no, not even Super Sculpey... just the regular kiddie stuff ^_^;)

"Primero" - an Andalusian foal & "Kamui" - a black Andalusian gelding (placed 3rd at the HA Live!)

"Kotori" - Thoroughbred mare

"Valencia" - a rearing Andalusian foal