Stablemate Scale Tack by Stonewall Saddlery

Customised Tack for the very popular tiny models out there! Stablemates are 1/32nd scale. Beware, this stuff is fiddly to put on!

As always, for pricelists, questions and comments, please e-mail me !


Western Sets

Western Pleasure or Working sets are available in either black, brown or natural coloured leather. Each set includes saddle, saddle pad with wearleathers in your choice of colour, breastcollar and bridle with either full browband or one or two ear. Extras can include silver lacing on saddle skirts, single or dual rigging, silver decorations or tooling. Just ask! :} (Set on the left owned by Miranda Sutherland UK, on the right Andrea Morrow USA)

English Jumper/Hunter Set

Genuine leather sets including saddle with suede kneerolls, bridle and your choice of martingale or breastcollar. Built on a tiny handsculpted saddle tree. Set is fully adjustable, even the tiny stirrup leathers and 7 buckles on the bridle ^_^ (Cross-country set and photo owned by Miranda Sutherland UK)


Western Parade Saddle Set

Made from ultra thin real leather in a deep blue-black shade, the saddle even has tiny silver lacing on both skirts and stirrup leathers. Dotted all over with silver stars and gemstones. Included is the saddle with single girth, fully adjustable breastcollar with teeny silver buckles and straps, turquoise saddle pad (not shown in images, I forgot to put it on!) and adjustable bridle with real sterling silver curb chain and slobber chains. The saddle is even lined with soft chamois - just like the larger traditional scale sets!! The only thing you'll need stickywax for on this set is the bit!! I've shown it here on a mini Nahar with Breyer rider, but neither of these is included.

Spanish/Bullfighting Set

Black leather set including silver laced saddle, breastcollar and bridle with fly fringe. Fully adjustable all over. (Set pictured part of my own showstring)

Medieval Costumes

Made from the thinest leather with silver or gold hardware.  Includes bridle, breastcollar, saddle and quater straps. "Silver" decorations can also be painted onto the leather. (Set pictured and photograph owned by Amanda Greaves.)  

Arabian Costumes

Tiny tassled costumes including drape with saddle, breastcollar and bridle. Any colour you would like with as many or as few tassles as desired :} (Costume pictured owned by Arla Kean UK - She also sculpted the little Arabian man and it's her horse!)

Lipizzaner/School of Vienna Set

Natural leather coloured set including Vienna style saddle with crupper, bridle, breastcollar and gold embroidered saddle blanket. Fully adjustable via gold buckles. (Set pictured owned by Theresa Walsh USA)

Modern Bedouin Style Arabian Halter

Tiny Arabian halters based on the authentic Bedouin style. Choose from up to six tassles on this halter as well as choice of colour and curbchain. Comes with lead rope. (Pictured halter owned by Amanda Greaves.)


Every horse owner knows how handy halters are, and why should the mini models miss out? Tiny leather halters for the tiniest of equines, fully adjustable and includes matching rope or chain lead.